The history of the DS was known to Pallas Auto, the restorers and was consider a sound car mechanically and worthy of a full restoration. However, fully dismantled and back to bare metal revealed the extent of 40 years of poor repairs and corrosion.

A comprehensive history and timeline is available with receipts for all the work carried out during the restoration and upgrades.


Kant Rail

The strip down revealed excessive corrosion of the kant rail. The rail has an important function in securing the fibreglass roof that is bonded to the car. The rail was replaced and new seals installed.


Engine rebuild

The DS’s 4-cylinder, 5 main-bearing has a well deserved robust reputation, if well maintained. However, this wasn’t the case and the engine had a full strip down and rebuild from crank to valve gear including ancillaries.


Rear panel

Once the protective under seal was removed the full extent of the corrosion to the rear panel and upper wings was revealed.


Elephant ears

The boot floor and sidewalls were exceptionally solid but a new panel and elephant ears were welded in place.

DSC04644 (2).JPG

Front headlights

The double layers of metal around the front indicator and headlights are notorious for rust. True for our DS, new metal was cut in.